Circle Org Chart PowerPoint template


Chart a new course for organizational clarity with our Circle Org Chart PowerPoint Template. Designed to present hierarchical information with a modern twist, this template transforms the traditional org chart into a vibrant, circular diagram that’s both eye-catching and efficient.

Encapsulating the essence of your organization’s structure, our template offers a series of concentric circles that are fully editable and customizable. With just a few clicks, you can color-code departments, add team member photos, and input roles and relationships. The intuitive design is ideal for illustrating the interconnectedness of teams and individuals within your corporation, non-profit, or educational institution.

Our template caters to the need for both detailed exposition and high-level overviews, allowing for up to four levels of hierarchy. Its sleek, professional look is accompanied by subtle animations that guide the viewer’s eye through your organizational ecosystem. The use of circles breaks away from the boxy, traditional org charts, facilitating a more fluid understanding of your company’s dynamics.

Key Features:

Fully customizable layout for personalized branding.
Easy-to-use design for quick modifications.
Adaptable for a variety of organizational structures.
Dynamic animations for an engaging presentation.

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